US Lags in All Areas of Social Justice

US Lags in All Areas of Social Justice

World’s largest economy ranks 27th among 31 OECD nations

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The United States may still lead the world in the size of its economy, but it performs poorly in a host of areas that make for a socially just country. As a current study by the Bertelsmann Stiftung examining 31 OECD nations shows, the United States ranks near the bottom in six key categories that contribute to a socially responsible market economy. The study’s categories are: poverty prevention; access to education; labor market inclusion; social cohesion and non-discrimination; health; and intergenerational justice.

Overall, the United States ranks 27th, ahead of only Greece, Chile, Mexico and Turkey.

In the individual categories, the United States showed especially large deficits in poverty prevention (ranking 29th), health (ranking 23rd) and access to education (ranking 20th). “Approximately one in six Americans currently lives under the poverty line, and educational opportunities depend heavily on social and economic background,” noted Aart De Geus, member of the Bertelsmann Stiftung Executive Board.

The growing gap between rich and poor is a problem throughout the OECD, but income distribution in the United States is among the most unequal of all countries examined in the report. Poverty afflicts 17.3 percent of all Americans, including 22.2 percent of the elderly and 21.6 percent of children. Disadvantaged children in the United States are especially hard hit in educational opportunities. The OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) has highlighted this link by showing that such children are about one year behind their advantaged peers.

In other areas of social justice, the United States performs better, but always in the lower half of the countries examined. The United States ranks 16th in labor market inclusion, 16th in social cohesion and non-discrimination, and 20th in intergenerational justice.

Northern European countries led the study in overall rankings. The five Nordic states – Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland – took the top five spots. Central and northwestern European states ranked in the upper mid-range, as did Canada. They are followed by east-central European and southern European nations. Japan and South Korea ranked in the lowest third, plagued by problems with access to education, intergenerational justice, and social cohesion and non-discrimination.

The report concludes that Scandinavia’s good performance shows that social justice and economic development are in no way mutually exclusive.

Bertelsmann Stiftung | Press releases.

My response to Charter Pulse and Senator Dan Patrick of Houston, TX on Charter Schools

The American Legislative Exchange Council dictates such ventures. ALEC a collection of over 300 corporations who fund candidates into office, then hand over the legislation they want passed.
The Charter Education scam is similar to the privatized prison scam. It’s a way to turn publicly funded entities into privately owned profit centers. After the prisons were privatized, the ALEC Republicans began passing laws that criminalized everything including public flatulence, thereby creating more demand for prisons. Today, we have prison corporations like CCA and Geo Group.  We’re already seeing Charter School Corporations forming.  Within a few years, all the education in America will be owned by Microsoft, Lockheed-Martin, and Wal-Mart.  Graduates will become obedient corporate slaves, cannon fodder for America’s never-ending wars, or minimum-wage toilet scrubbers, depending on which neighborhood they grow up in.

Here’s an article warning about the likely effects of privately owned public schools(a.k.a. charter schools):

Here’s a link to the ALEC scam watch site:

CSCOPE – My Response to Ginger Russell at RedHotConservative

[ We have a fellow turtle named Ginger Russell.  She’s been hiding in her Tea Party shell a very long time.  One day, she looked outside and saw there is a world of challenges that some of us are trying to resolve through science, education, tolerance, and respectful communication.  It really upset her, and she decided to post rantings on her blog, and cause a ridiculous stink.  Here is a fellow turtle’s attempt to calm her down and relieve her fear of others.]


A turtle that’s never been outside of its shell may be frightened by its first view of the outside world.  It’ll be okay.  There are lots of us living here normally and peacefully.  Some things you see for the first time may frighten you initially, but phobia is no way to live.  Keep informing yourself and show trust and respect to the other turtles, and you’ll be fine.

It is amazing but TRUE that there are 7 Billion OTHER turtles on earth beside YOU.  Not all of them are Christian.  As a matter of fact, only 1 of every 6 calls himself/herself a Christian, and much of the time, they’re lying.  Our particular Republic was established withoutreligious preference, and many of our founders were NOT Christians.  Also, not all turtles are competition-based hunter-gatherers(capitalists).  Some prefer more humane systems based on cooperation and mutual aid.   There is a great big world beyond the shell surrounding Ginger Russel Turtle.

There are tools we explorer-turtles use to understand the world we live in.  One of them is called communication.  Through vocal and written discourse, among other methods, we share thoughts, experiences, and ideas.  Most turtles survive the process.  When we blog items, we don’t cut out 99% of the facts, and just present what we want to prove our point.  There’s something called “fair and balanced”, which you can’t get from FOX.  So, don’t be like them.

Another tool we use is observation.  We examine the world around us, write down our discoveries, and share with others.  We call it SCIENCE.  Most of us are thrilled at what we uncover.  Many of us don’t find a conflict between our scientific discoveries and our spiritual selves.  We are all better off NOT to POLITICIZE the education of our young-lings.  Leave it at presenting FACTS (Yes, there is such a spirituality called ISLAM in the world, Yes there are OTHER economic objectives not dictated by the yacht club turtles).

Another tool we use is called education.  It’s the process of sharing accumulated information  with one another, and with our children.  It allows us to hand-down our collective experiences to our children, so they may continue FORWARD from where we left-off.  We do NOT call it “indoctrination”, unless it’s done in denial of truth, or if it only presents a VERY LIMITED VIEWPOINT or set of OPINIONS.

We turtles face many challenges.  Among those challenges is a very critical one called “Destruction of the Global Ecosystem.”  This destruction is caused by some natural causes that we have little control over, and others which we MUST take responsibility for, or our turtle young-lings will live and die on a toxic desert planet.  Some “political” turtles get paid their living for DENYING the destruction that most of us observe.  Their pay comes from industrialist turtles who wish to maximize their hoards while minimizing their liabilities, at the expense of social and ecological responsibility.  Although cow-farts are likely a small contributor to the problem, larger contributors include the widespread use of fossil fuels, chemicals, and industrial farming.

Another challenge we face is the inefficient usage of natural and labor resources, and the horrible disparity of wealth distribution.  Beside us turtles, there is another creature called “human being”, of which 25,000 die every day of STARVATION.  As a Christian, you’re not a lover of starvation, are you?  The Capitalist system concentrates huge amounts of power and wealth in the hands of 1% of the population, and leaves the rest fighting like hyenas to exist.  Capitalism creates unemployment through CORPORATISM, and also requires unemployment so the corporate owners can dictate lower  wages to workers.

Because capitalism has amassed such a huge amount of wealth in the hands of so few, there is MUCH CORRUPTION in the political systems we have made for ourselves.  The capitalist “fat-cat” uses small amounts of his hoarded wealth to bribe our elected officials into passing laws that do not benefit anyone but the fat-cat himself.  Then, because the same fat-cats wage terrible and costly wars, maintain a broken corporate health-care system, and refuse to pay their taxes, we now have a $17 Trillion debt to pay before our children are harnessed with its burden.

Another of the challenges we face is called BLOW-BACK, which is the result of decades of corrupt and irresponsible foreign policy (how our turtle-farm treats other turtle-farms in other parts of the world).  Some of our political turtles have formed nasty alliances that have caused us to get bitten in our turtle tails.

We once had a Chief Honcho turtle named Ronald Reagan.  He was notorious for toppling democratically-elected governments in Central America, and for selling weapons and poisons to a horrible tyrant named Saddam Hussein, who used them to fight a war that caused nearly 2 million deaths.  He is also infamous for aiding and training the Afghani Muhajideen, many of whom later became the Taliban and al-Qaeda.  On September 11, 2001, our country experienced a terrible result of its militant behaviors in the lands of impoverished turtles.

Due to the horrifying consequences of the failed policies of previous Honcho turtles, we now live in a world filled with fear, hate, and violence.  Most of us kind turtles would rather not continue forward with hating and killing one another.  So, many of us try to educate one another, and develop an understanding called TOLERANCE.  Tolerance can only be achieved through the understanding of commonality of turtles, and implementing rules of turtle-rights and turtle-respect.  We would also very much like to restore the concept of DEMOCRACY, that has been hijacked by corporate interests, and replaced with CONSUMERISM and DEMAGOGUERY.

It is likely that the existing Honcho turtle is making a last-ditch effort to restore some democratic balance to the education system.  That system has been run by the Zionists and  fat-cats for a long time, and has utilized indoctrination to brain-wash American turtles, and make them all very, very stupid.  What is obvious is that if the American turtles don’t pull their heads out of their shells very soon, we will be drawn into never-ending cycles of violence and rage that will blow us all to turtle-bits.  It would not be wise for us turtles to continue the same policies of hate that have kept Israeli and Palestinian turtles in suffering for the last 65 years, would it?  We would not want to continue destroying our Republic, and roll back to the medieval times would we?  Then all the efforts and sacrifices of those who came before us would be in vain.

The world outside your shell CAN be frightful.  That’s one of our baser instincts.  But through respectful engagement with other turtles, you can open up to the great big world, take-in a lot of knowledge, and join the society of friendly turtles who DON’T make their decisions based on fear and dislike of others.  If you need help, there are PROFESSIONALs who help turtles sort out their issues.

The Closing of the Jewish Mind – Veterans Today

The Closing of the Jewish Mind. Veterans Today


The Closing of the Jewish Mind

How Zionism Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Neoconservative Intellectuals

“U.S. national-security policy increasingly conforms to patterns of behavior pioneered by the Jewish state. This ‘Israelification’ of U.S. policy may prove beneficial for Israel. Based on the available evidence, it’s not likely to be good for the United States”  … Historian Andrew J. Bacevich[1]

Allan Bloom

In 1987, Allan Bloom of the University of Chicago shocked the academic world with the publication of The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students.

Bloom repeatedly suggests that many students are incapable of self-examination and self-understanding due to their ignorance of the past, particularly due to their deliberate ignorance of ancient philosophy. Bloom further notices that one cannot ignore that there has been a significant decline in reading the classics among young students.

The Closing of the American Mind is not a bad book. In fact it is a meditation on Western culture, American academic life, and what truth actually is.

We will explore some of the theses of the book later this summer, but what is important to our study here is that Bloom makes a stunning statement that every serious neoconservative has to answer for himself/herself:

“a liberal education means precisely helping students to pose the question to themselves [what is man?], to become aware that the answer is neither obvious nor simply unavailable, and that there is no serious life in which this question is not a continuous concern. Despite all efforts to pervert it, the question that every young person asks, “Who am I?,” the powerful urge to follow the Delphic command, ‘Know thyself,’ which is born in each of us, means in the first place “What is man?[2]

In order to understand anti-Jewish reactions and subversive ideology, neoconservatives, as we said in a previous article, need to “psychoanalyze” themselves and understand the deep issues that we are facing here. The vast majority of the world does not hate Jews as people! The vast majority of the world does not like criminal activity which Jewish revolutionaries have forced upon the West. Those subversive activities have come and gone and have taken different forms. We no longer have Bolshevism, but we are stuck with the neoconservative movement, which has given us a six-trillion dollar war.

Neoconservatives, if they want to be serious, need to understand this. If the neoconservatives are interested in the truth, then they must take at least some responsibility for the mess they have unleashed upon Western culture at large and upon the Middle East in particular.

Moreover, if the neoconservatives are interested in the truth, then they must be able to embrace the truth wherever it is found. Summoning words such as “anti-Semites” will not do. We are criticizing revolutionary ideologies, and I in particular have no quarrel with my Jewish friends, brothers and sisters all over the world.

Finally, truth is not always a pleasant thing and is irrespective of the person pronouncing it. If the person happens to be a Democrat and is telling the truth, so be it. If the person is a Republican and is telling the truth, we must welcome it. Having said that, let us move on to our final analysis of Ann Coulter’s work.

Ann Coulter

Coulter writes, “The Democratic Party is the party of the mob, irrespective of what the mob represents.”[3] But once again Coulter does not want to tell us the names of the people who largely spearheaded the Democratic Party.

We find the same line of reasoning in the writing of Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro. Shapiro keeps saying that “the left took over your TV”[4] but Shapiro could never bring himself to the fact that the “Left” is another name for a largely Jewish movement.[5] Shapiro never has the intellectual courage to say that the “Leftists” or “Liberals” who took over Hollywood were largely Communist Jews at the dawn of the twentieth century.[6]

It is widely known among Jewish scholars that the “Left” was largely a Jewish town.[7] Jewish intellectual historian Russell Jacoby of the University of California himself stated in The Last Intellectuals, “The Jewish contribution to the Left in the United States during the twentieth century ranks the highest of any immigrant or ethnic group…American Jewry has provided socialist organizations and movements with a disproportionate number—sometimes approaching or surpassing a majority—of their leaders, activists, and supporters.”[8]

One of the founders of the “New Left” in the 1960s was none other than David Horowitz, who is now a neoconservative hawk. Horowitz, unlike Coulter and Shapiro, actually admits that

“For nearly two hundred years, Jews have played a disproportionate role as leaders of the modern revolutionary movements in Europe and the West.”[9]

In the process, they were “the first revolutionary internationalists” to bring about kabbalistic reformation known astikkun olam in Judaism and Kabbala.[10] Horowitz must have been a full-blown anti-Semite for saying this.

Horowitz continues, “By carrying the revolution to its conclusion, socialists would usher in a millennium and fulfill the messianic prophecies of the pre-Enlightenment religions that modern ideas had discredited. Through this revolution the lost unity of mankind would be restored, social harmony would be reestablished, paradise regained. It would be a tikkun olam, a repair of the world.”[11]

This tikkum olam “forges the false bonds between Jewish faith and revolutionary fervor.”[12]

Horowitz’s parents played a role in bringing about this “revolutionary fervor.” Horowitz admits, “My father thought of himself as a revolutionary. The [Communist] Party has become so much my father’s personal salvation that without it the possibilities of life itself vanish.”[13]

Why doesn’t Coulter tell us any of this? Well, according to the neoconservative reading of things, that would insinuate that Coulter is also an anti-Semite—and Coulter doesn’t want to be called an anti-Semite. In fact, Coulter almost got into trouble in 2007 when she mentioned that Jews ought to be “perfected”[14] by accepting the New Testament. She was accused of being an anti-Semite by the ADL.[15]

David Horowitz

In order to redeem herself from political mudslinging, Coulter quickly said during the show that “We think Jews go to heaven.”[16] Coulter learned not to bring this topic again in any of her discussion. She now uses words such as mob and “Liberals” in her books, not Jewish.

The only place she actually mentions that Jews largely supported the Left for decades was on her website back in 2007. To my knowledge, she never mentioned this in her books. Coulter wrote then,

“For decades, most Jews supported the left, and the left supported Jewish causes. But the left moved on long ago.”[17] Coulter apparently contradicted herself a few paragraphs later by saying that “The Democratic Party sleeps with anti-Semites every night…”[18]

Coulter continues to write that the ADL represents “not Jews or women or civil libertarians, but the left wing of the Democratic Party. The blood of millions of Israelis is at stake, and the ADL is flacking for a party that yearns to surrender to the terrorists”[19] The ADL does not represent Jews at all?

Ann Coulter vs. the New Testament

Listen to Coulter very carefully here:

“The seminal event of the New Testament—Jesus’ crucifixion—is a dramatic illustration of the power of the mob. When the mob was howling for Pontius Pilate to sentence Jesus to death, even Pilate’s wife couldn’t convince him to spare Jesus. After having a dream about Jesus, Pilate’s wife sent her husband a note saying that Jesus was innocent—a ‘just man.’ Pilate knew it to be true and that the mob hated Jesus out of ‘envy.’

But not his wife, not even his own common sense, was enough for him to resist the mob. Three times Pilate told the ‘multitude’ that Jesus was innocent and should be spared. He pleaded with the mob, proposing to ‘chastise him, and release him.’ But the mob was immovable, demanding Jesus’ crucifixion. Pilate was required to release one of the prisoners, so he gave the mob the choice of Jesus or Barabbas, a notorious murderer and insurrectionist—in other words, someone who incites mobs. Again, the mob ‘spoke with one voice,’ demanding ‘with loud shouts’ that Jesus be crucified. Capitulating to the mob, Pilate ordered Jesus’ death.”[20]

I can assure you that Coulter would be a bad cop. If we take Coulter seriously here, then we might as well shut down the CIA, the police department, and all other government agencies which seek to draw connections between criminal activities and the description of the people who are part of those criminal activities. Those two elements play a huge role in forensic investigation.

In the textbook The Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation, we learn that “often the victim or the gang members are of the same ethnic group.”[21] Another textbook tells us that when looking at terrorism it is important to look at nationality or ethnicity or religion.[22]

The authors move on to say that investigators should be aware of the culture and even the language of the individual or group under investigation.[23] They declare, “A number of the more notorious gangs are formed on the basis of ethnic or racial identity,” going further to provide evidence from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, and the United States.[24] Another textbook declares that even when selecting an undercover investigator, it is important to put some weight on the investigator’s background.[25]

It would be foolish to say that these policies are solely based on ethnicity. Serious investigators are very careful in making generalizations with a limited number of facts.[26] Individuals must be treated for who they are: people who are part of the human race (something law enforcement recognizes[27]).

But criminal investigation has to start somewhere and has to include certain factors which may or may not lead to a cumulative case. This is called categorical suspicion in criminal law, a principle which “refers to suspicion that falls on suspects because they fit into a broad category of people, such as being in a particular location, being members of a particular race or ethnicity, or fitting a profile.

Categorical suspicion is never enough by itself to amount to reasonable suspicion. But taken together with individualized suspicion, it can be one of the building blocks in the whole picture of reasonable suspicion.”[28]These factors allow an investigation to be pursued in a specific, logical way.[29]

Although the Department of Justice forbids the use of ethnicity in “making routine or spontaneous law enforcement decisions,” it does say that “officers may rely on race or ethnicity in a specific suspect description.”[30] If discarded, police would have a much harder time pursuing crimes.

To illustrate this better, why does the world admire Arthur Conan Doyle’s imaginative detective Sherlock Holmes? Simple: Sherlock is skilled at making connections, using clues to pursue further investigations and drawing conclusions from those investigations.

On what grounds, then, should historians, scholars, and people of reason such as Ann Coulter suspend this method when it comes to examining Jewish participation in subversive activity? Should we apply the method everywhere—even when examining terrorism in the Muslim world and crimes in the black community—but ignore it when it comes to Jewish participation in revolutionary activity? Moreover, is it rationally sound to quickly conclude that a person who does name names is by definition an anti-Semite?

There is a logical breakdown here that can hardly be ignored. As a lawyer, Coulter indeed understands this, but she is not allowed to tell us who the New Testament mob was even though it is pretty clear that it was the Jewish leaders who were exclusively saying that Pilate had to put Jesus to death.

The same passage Coulter seems to be citing declares,

“When he [Pilate] was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him. But the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus” (Matthew 27:19-20).

How does Coulter respond? “Liberals say Barabbas: Go with the crowd,” she writes. “C’mon, everybody’s doing it—it’s cool. Now let’s go mock Jesus.”[31]

Now here Coulter is not talking like a rational person. The Pharisees and the elders were not liberals! If anything, they were much more in line with Trotskyism and Leninism in revolutionary ideology by asking Pilate to release Barabbas, who was indeed a revolutionary.

Christ was the “party” of peace; Barabbas the party of revolution. Trotskyism got morphed into the neoconservative movement, and now we have apologists such as Coulter defending the war in Iraq which gave us massive death. The neoconservative movement is the party of perpetual wars in the Middle East.  And now the American people are learning that at least 60 billion dollars have been wasted in reconstruction in the region.[32]

How can Coulter with good conscience look at the average American taxpayer and the Iraqi family and say that that the war was good?

Ann Coulter and 9/11

Listen to Coulter two days after the 9/11 attack:

We don’t need long investigations of the forensic evidence to determine with scientific accuracy the person or persons who ordered this specific attack. We don’t need an ‘international coalition.’ We don’t need a study on ‘terrorism.’ We certainly didn’t need a congressional resolution condemning the attack this week. The nation has been invaded by a fanatical, murderous cult. And we welcome them. We are so good and so pure we would never engage in discriminatory racial or ‘religious’ profiling.”[33]

USS Liberty was bombed by our closest “ally”

Here Coulter was saying that we should suspend the rules of law which have kept the West strong and immerse ourselves into the neoconservative madness. Once again, why don’t we apply this ridiculous system to all terrorist acts in history? Doesn’t Coulter know that Israel deliberately bombed the USS Liberty in 1967?

Almost three years ago, I personally contacted Retired U.S. Naval Officer James N. Ennes, author ofAssault on the Liberty, and one of the crew members aboard the ship at the time of the attack. As he detailed in the book itself, the Israelis did this deliberately and they knew perfectly well that the USS Liberty was an American ship. Why did they do it?

Well, the Israelis wanted America to put the blame on Egypt so that America would eventually attack the country.

The only person who is spending time in prison for passing out classified documents to Israel is Jonathan Pollard, but the Israeli government has been trying to persuade the U.S. for years to release Pollard.

Alan Dershowitz, who constantly advocates torturing Muslim terrorists in his books, writes of Pollard’s sentence: “As an American, and as a Jew, I hereby express my outrage at Jonathan Pollard’s sentence of life imprisonment for the crime to which he pleaded guilty. I am confident that when passions cool and a sense of perspective returns many Americans will come to regard Jonathan Pollard’s sentence as excessive.”[34]

We can torture innocent Muslims for months, but when only one Israeli spy gets caught and pleads guilty for his crime, all of a sudden his sentence is “excessive”! (Keep in mind that Dershowitz is not some psychopath out there who doesn’t know what he is doing. He is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at one of our prestigious institutions, Harvard Law School. If this is what Dershowitz means by moral clarity, then it is hostile to the West and to the traditional American ideals.)

Doesn’t Coulter know that Israeli terrorists bombed the King David Hotel in 1946 so they could blame it again on their opponents? Doesn’t Coulter know that Jewish terrorists were the main culprit behind the Levon Affair?[35]And after fifty-one years, what did Israel do to the Jewish terrorists who were involved? They honored them in 2005.[36] I’m just curious to know how this has escaped Coulter’s entire writing career altogether.

Doesn’t Coulter know that the Mossad has been going all over the world doing covert and illegal activities?[37]

Since Coulter left reason and evidence out of the equation, she then moved on to use Christianity for her own neoconservative ideology. She wrote, “We should invade their countries [the Muslims], kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That’s war. And this is war”[38]

What is Coulter talking about? Forced conversion is what’s going to convert Muslims? Where did she learn this crazy idea? She got it from the mob in the Middle Ages. Forced conversion has never been taught by a single pope in history, and popes throughout the Middle Ages and beyond wrote against it. But the idea was very popular among the mob.

Coulter could have been a much more serious writer and on many occasions she says things that are true, but the neoconservative ideology forbids her to reach her full potential as a rational human being and a clear thinker. The neoconservative ideology has turned her into a monster.

As E. Michael Jones rightly put it, “when I hear an American talk about the dangers of ‘Islamofascism,’ I think it’s an infallible sign that I am in the presence of either a propagandist, an intellectual coward or a useful idiot.”[39]

Intellectual cowards like Coulter never talk about how the CIA is currently aiding the Syrian rebels/terrorists.[40]They are quick to talk about “Islamofascism,” but they can never explain to us the internal contradiction that exists in their own system, i.e., funding terrorism while pretending to fight terrorism. Yet the Associated Press, in order to play games, called the Syrian rebels/terrorists “Syrian Moderates.”[41]

We saw in a previous article that hundreds of British Muslims joined the Syrian rebels/terrorists. Now the British newspaper The Telegraph is telling us that “British Muslims fighting in Syria’s civil war could return home to carry out terrorist attacks, intelligence chiefs have warned. There are “hundreds” of Europeans now fighting in Syria, some of whom are with groups linked to al Qaeda…”[42]

How can the neoconservatives in good conscience maintain the categorical lie that they are fighting terrorism? That’s worse than stupid in a psychological war.

Recently, a gallop poll was taken last Monday and it certainly showed the obvious contradiction that exists when Zionism becomes the dominant worldview:

“a majority of Americans – while supporting air strikes in foreign countries against foreign nationals suspected of Terrorism – oppose such air strikes when used to target US citizens who are suspected Terrorists, whether at home or on foreign soil.”[43]

In other words, you don’t want your children to be dead by drones, but you want other people’s children to be dead by drones. How does that work? And do the neoconservatives really think that the Muslim world is that dumb?

A Fork in the Road

Which way will you choose?

As we saw in the previous article, John Quincy Adams declared in his address celebrating the Anniversary of Independence, 1821, “America should not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy…She might become the dictatress of the world: she should be no longer the ruler of her own spirit.”[44]

In a contradictory way, Ann Coulter declares, “The survival of Israel is inextricably linked to the survival of the Republican Party and its evangelical base.”[45]

Where did Coulter get this? Did she learn that from her antecedents? Did she learn this from George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, John Tyler, James Polk, Zachary Taylor, etc.?

No. She got that from her neoconservative worldview. As philo-Semitic scholars Stephen Halper and Jonathan Clarke point out, “the neo-conservatives have taken American international relations on an unfortunate detour, veering away from the balanced, consensus-building, and resource-husbanding approach that has characterized traditional Republican internationalism…and acted more as a special interest focused on its particular agenda.”[46]

Should we favor the neoconservative movement over Adams and the Founding Fathers? This is a question that Coulter needs to wrestle with, and this is a question that every decent American has to ponder upon because we either embrace Coulter’s future of America, which is the neoconservative dream, or we go back to traditional principles as articulated by the Founding Fathers.

Given the only two options, The American people would be right in line with historical thought by sticking with the Founding Fathers.

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3quarksdaily: The Architects of the War on Islam

3quarksdaily: The Architects of the War on Islam.

I want to thank Maniza for such a well-written, and justifiably emotional, piece.  My own writing style is commonly described as “inflammatory”, which I can’t help when I’m INFLAMED !

I find it interesting that in the Seeraat I’ve recently read, it’s true that the Banu Hanifa were the last ones into Islam, and the first ones out !  Saud family comes from those people, as did Musaylama al-Kadhab.


by Maniza Naqvi

Clocktower2This is addressed to Muslims who think that Islam is under attack: They are right. Just take a look at the images of the House that Abraham built, the Ka’aba and see how progresses that ancient attack. Just look at the transformation of the environs of the Ka’aba and the Haram Shareef into a garish resort rivaling Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Just look, at the transformation of the sacred environs of the Haram Shareef into a shopping mall and Disney world–to understand the war on Islam and who is responsible for waging it.  Just look at this and see how Islam has been trafficked as though it were a bonded slave, dressed up in bells and baubles to be whipped and sold in the marketplace. Who is it, Muslims should ask themselves, who has undertaken to do this and has destroyed and defaced the symbols, the reminders, the graves, the homes of the Prophet and his family? And is this okay with them that this should happen to their most revered place of worship?  This Ramzan Muslims should reflect on the image of the “renovations” in Mecca around the Ka’aba and the Haram Shareef and ask themselves about the war on Islam.

Yes there is a war on Islam. The responsibility for this destruction lies with the House of Saud. This war on Islam continues and has been waged from the birth of Islam 15 centuries ago. And it has been strengthened in the last century thanks to oil. The Saudi so called royal family of 5000 persons and its grantees of oil wealth and its courtiers, princes, princesses, sheikhs and sheikhas—all of them, barring none– have done their utmost to insult, humiliate and destroy the religious belief systems of 1.2 billion Muslims and their holiest of shrines.

The Saud are not from Hejaz. Yet they claim as a birth right their custodianship of Islam itself. The birthplace of the Prophet and Islam is Mecca. The cities of Mecca and Medina are in Hejaz.

The Saud are not from Al Ahsa (here). Yet, the Saud’s wealth comes from oil in the province of Al Ahsa.  Ever since they have gained ownership of the entire Arabian peninsula and the oil, thanks to the British in the early 20th century, and to the Americans, they have succeeded, fourteen centuries after the Prophet’s death in restoring their gods to Mecca.  And they have also financed militaries and security apparatuses that keep their hold on the oil secured. The majority population of Muslims in Al Ahsa where the oil is located do not share the traditions of Saud they are Shi’a.

The Saud, are from Najd. The Saud are from the Banu Hanafi tribe which is one of eight or ten major tribes in the Najd.  The word Najd means highlands. The Najd has a harsh climate and it was mostly barren and isolated at the time of the Prophet and till 1932 when the fortunes of the Saud changed. Riyadh was the largest settlement in Najd which after 1932 was declared the capital of Saudi Arabia by the Saud who became its rulers. Most tribes there were nomadic and even those that became sedentary originally were nomadic. Harsh terrain and a harsh climate made the nomadic way of life one that was focused on survival of all the animals in the flock including humans. The rules and laws of the tribes were therefore in harsh adherence to the purpose of survival and procreation. Men, women, goats, sheep, cows and camels were equally tattooed, covered, circumcised, birthed culled, cut and slaughtered  as was seen fit to keep the tribe strong and safe from the harsh life. Following a leader was critical. Dissent could mean a wrong decision and endangering the entire tribe. To question the tribal leader’s judgment could mean leading the tribe into peril, away from water or straight into the path of disaster.  Dissent had to therefore be harshly and swiftly and publically punished for the sake of survival. Insular behavior was rewarded and risk taking was not.

Because of their isolation, the tribes of Najd spoke dialects particular to their own tribes, an Arabic not influenced by elsewhere in Arabia and therefore with variations from the Arabic spoken for example in Hejaz.  Each tribe spoke and understood its dialect of Arabic. The written word was a luxury of Hejaz and its cities. The tribes from Najd, once a year ventured into Mecca with their livestock for the annual event which was primarily a livestock market and for the pilgrimage to their gods at the Ka’aba.

The Saud can claim no other cultural or human achievement except surviving in the cruel rocky barren mountainous terrain and giving sanctuary to Al Wahab in the 18th century and his ideals called Wahabism. The Saud’s kingdom of Saudi Arabia created in 1932 at the time that oil was discovered in Bahrain and Al Ahsa is based on these Wahabi ideals. They also had an admirable knack for expediency, which foolishly, was referred to as hypocrisy, by revolutionaries or idealists to their own peril. These tribes of the Najd only made alliances when it became expedient for them to do so. They agreed to an alliance with Mohammad but not allegiance to him or to Islam.

The Saud have held the Haram Shareef hostage. Just look at how it has been transformed by them. The Saud’s alliances and allegiances to themselves and their belief systems is evidenced amongst other things by their treatment of the Ka’aba. The Ka’aba today seems as though it were a project of revenge of avenging their own family’s ancestors for the humiliation they felt when the Prophet more than 1400 years ago returned victorious from his exile in Medina, into Mecca and went straight into the Ka’aba and destroyed their stone idols, their Gods, which they adored. Today, it seems that they the Saud are embarked on the project of destroying what the Prophet did.

The Saud are from the place from where the Prophet at the birth of Islam faced continuous opposition. It was from Najd that Islam faced its greatest threat. Islam’s history is replete with references to this opposition to Islam from Najd. The Koran itself has references to this opposition and disbelief: the chapter “Repentance” refers to them: “The village Arabs are more obstinate in disbelief and hypocrisy and impervious to ordinances revealed to His Apostle by God; yet God is aware of everything and is wise.” and “Some of these rustics take whatever they spend in the way of God as a penalty, and wait for an adverse turn in your (addressed to the Prophet) fortune.”

There are four shahria interpreters in the Sunni sects Imam Hanafi, Imam Shafaee, Maliki and Humbali. In a hadith or saying of the Prophet quoted by Imam Maliki : Abdullah ibn Umar Radi Allahu anhu said, “ I saw the Messenger of Allah Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam pointing at the east ( Najd) and saying, ‘The cause of dissension is here. The cause of dissension is here, from where the helpers of shaytan arise.’ (Imam Malik’s: Muwatta, Hadith #54.11.29).  The Hadith or the saying about the Najd (here) Also other hadith quoted here. Muslim scholars Sunni and Shi’a would be united on the veracity of this saying of the Prophet.

Muslims should question themselves as to how could an isolated tribe from a region historically opposed to Islam rise to power and take control of Ka’aba and Islam. Muslims should question themselves about the relationship between this rise and the discovery of oil in Hejaz in 1932. When was Saudi Arabia created? 1932. And when did Wahibism begin to rise from a belief in a nowhere land mountain range in Arabia to spread across the globe? 1932. Muslims should ask themselves who are these custodians of the Ka’aba and what right do they have to occupy it and to have absolute and total control and ownership over it in the way that they do? Who gives them legitimacy and who enforces that legitimacy? Who protects them and secures them? Who benefits? Who loses? Where is the oil located in the Saudi peninsula? Why is the Arabian peninsula called Saudi Arabia? How and why was the name of the clan of Saud given to an entire region in 1932? A region whose majority population and sub regions have nothing to do with the tribe or clan of Saud? Those who never accepted Islam are now the custodians of it. Those who never accepted Islam now claim to be the founders, the definers the protectors of it! Those who are now  poised to destroy Islam and all symbols of its origins and humanity are the custodians, the kidnappers and hostage takers of the Ka’aba itself. It is they, the House of Saud that has taken Islam hostage, it is they who have buried Islam, up to its neck in mud and it is they who stone it to death with their actions, policies and ideology and it is they who are poised with the gleaming sword of their emblem to behead it.

Muslims should take a look at the symbols in the architecture that now looms over the Ka’aba. TheClocktowerarchitecture of the Haram Shareef which had evoked an invitation to the expansion of thought and a moderation of need that had beckoned a charity in spirit and freed an abundance of emotions, that was cooling to the eyes and calming for the soul that planted the seed of hope in the heart of those that knelt or walked with in its precincts, that kindled a sense of a beginning, a contentment of resolve—that led to an elegance and simplicity of manner, has now become a monument to the Saud, an expression of their character.

Thanks to the Saud a reversal of Islam is underway: Now a hideous clock tower, garish shopping malls for the rich, and equally vulgar billboards and skyscraper hotels for the wealthy dwarf the Ka’aba and its sanctity. Muslims should ask themselves how it could be possible that public toilets have been built where the house of Hazrat Kadija the wife of the Prophet Mohammad used to be. How is it possible that the graves of the Prophet’s family have been razed to the ground? This has been done in the name of adhering to a pure Islam? It has nothing to do with Islam, the faith of the Prophet Mohammad.

Modern Mecca: The Transformation of a Holy City, described in this article by Basharat Peer in The New Yorker, the clock tower  looms like a one eyed Jinn (here).  Or like a stone idol in the shape of a clock tower—whose face is in the shape of a moon or the sun—and  inscribed as though on the forehead of its face is the word Allah, the face is encircled by stars. Allah, the moon, the sun and stars. Allah, Laat, Manat and Uzza. There they are in the shape of the clock tower–the return of the stone Gods revered by the ancestors of the current bunch, the current custodians of the Ka’aba. The stone gods, the ones that Mohammad shattered upon his triumphant return to Mecca from Medina—now they have been resurrected after 1400 years from crumbled sand restored bigger, better, more garishly thanks to oil and its power.

The Sauds’ power of petrodollars has spread the insidious venom of hatred for the teachings of Mohammad from Riyadh to Washington DC to Mindanao from Jakarta to Aguelhok.  It is they, the hereditary enemies of Mohammad’s Islam who are the current custodians of the Ka’aba.  It is clear in all their actions—of violence, and immorality and greed and debauchery that it is they who have never accepted Islam. It is their brand of beliefs which espouses the subjugation, humiliation and torture of women, the destruction of monotheistic and Abrahamic spirituality, the adherence to monarchy, hatred of the vulnerable and poor, extreme inequality of humans and the worship of money. A reading of historical references including the Koran show that from Najd, from where the Saud originate, there has always been an animosity a fissure, mischief making and diversion with the Prophet and his faith and it is they who have from the time of the Prophet sought to destroy the faith that the Prophet Mohammad had sprung on them.

The Saud have financed much destruction of Islam and its shrines and now their target is closing in on the shrine in Damascus of the revered lady, Hazrat Zainab, the granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammad. Is it to become a “casualty” of their civil war?  Is the shrine about to face the same fate as the destruction of the holy shrines across the globe funded by Saudi petro dollars? The shrine is threatened and in danger of being destroyed much like other shrines, by the same venom that holds the Ka’aba hostage and has defaced it.

This great animosity of the United States towards Iran, is it Israel inspired? Is it because of an affinity to Israel? Or is it because of the Saud and oil? Not the oil in Iran but the oil in the Ghawar Fields in Saudi Arabia. For the Americans it may be about oil. Keeping the ownership of the oil in the hands of the Saud and protecting them is greased by funding their belief system. The images of US Presidents one after another arm in arm or holding hands with, or kissing the cheeks of and bending over the hands of Saudi Kings, as if pledging allegiance, are instructive.

The Saud must be admired for strategic thinking and entrepreneurial expediency. They are not from Hejaz which is the birthplace of the Prophet Mohammad and Islam. The Saud are not from Al Ahsa where the richest oil fields on earth are located. The Saud are from Najd from where during the time of the Prophet and his four Caliphs there was a constant opposition to Islam. Now in the twenty first century the Saud, the architects of war on Islam seem to be poised for victory on the House of Abraham, the house of the Prophet Mohammad.

Sex Slavery – The Growing Trade in Israel

The Ugly Truth


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BBC NEWS | Middle East | Sex Slavery and Trafficking in Israel

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israels fight against sex trafficking.

Israel’s fight against sex trafficking
By Raffi Berg 
BBC News, Jerusalem

Prostitute in Tel Aviv (photo and copyright: Meged Gozani)

Thousands of foreign women have been trafficked for sex in Israel

Marina rarely leaves her two-room home in northern Israel these days.

She is in hiding – wanted by the Israeli authorities for being an illegal immigrant, and by the criminal gangs who brought her here to sell her into prostitution.

Marina – not her real name – was lured to Israel by human traffickers.

During the height of the phenomenon, from the beginning of the 1990s to the early years of 2000, an estimated 3,000 women a year were brought to Israel on the false promise of jobs and a better way of life.

“When I was in the Ukraine, I had a difficult life,” said Marina, who came to Israel in 1999 at the age of 33 after answering a newspaper advertisement offering the opportunity to study abroad.

“I was taken to an apartment in Ashkelon, and other women there told me I was now in prostitution. I became hysterical, but a guy starting hitting me and then others there raped me.

“I was then taken to a place where they sold me – just sold me!” she said, recalling how she was locked in a windowless basement for a month, drank water from a toilet and was deprived of food.

Most computers will open this document automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader

That part of her ordeal only ended when she managed to escape, but the physical and mental scars remain.

Last year, the United Nations named Israel as one of the main destinations in the world for trafficked women; it has also consistently appeared as an offender in the annual US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons (Tip) report.

While this year’s report said Israel was making “significant efforts” to eliminate trafficking, it said it still does not “fully comply with the minimum standards” to do so.

Like Marina, some trafficked women are brought into the country legally, while others are smuggled by Bedouins across the border from Egypt.

In all cases, the traffickers – as many as 20 in the chain from recruitment to sale – take away the women’s passports before selling them on to pimps.

Sometimes the women are subjected to degrading human auctions, where they are stripped, examined and sold for $8,000-$10,000.

Sanctions threat

Prostitution in Israel is legal, but pimping and maintaining a brothel are not.

The law however is not widely enforced and few brothels are closed down.

Brothels in Tel Aviv

Brothels are illegal in Israel, but many still operate openly

In Tel Aviv’s Neve Shaanan district for instance, just a short walk from the city’s five-star tourist hotels, brothels masquerading as massage parlours, saunas and even internet cafes, fill the side streets.

One such place even operates opposite the local police station.

There are bars on windows and heavily-built men guard the doors, which are only opened to let customers in and out.

Inside, groups of sullen-looking women sit in dimly-lit rooms, waiting for their next client.

Foreign women fetch the highest prices, with trafficked women forced to work up to 18 hours a day.

For years, the absence of anti-trafficking laws in Israel meant such activity – less risky and often more profitable than trafficking drugs or arms – went unchecked.

“During the first 10 years of trafficking, Israel did absolutely nothing,” said Nomi Levenkron, of the Migrant Workers’ Hotline, an NGO which helps trafficked women and puts pressure on the state to act.

 In 2003 we used to find women who were being raped, jailed and under a great amount of violence. In 2007, the situation is completely different. 
Raanan Caspi
Israeli anti-trafficking police chief

“Women were trafficked into Israel – the first case we uncovered was in 1992 – and not much really happened,” she said.

“Occasionally traffickers were brought to trial, but the victims were arrested as well, they were forced to testify, and then they were deported.”

In 2000, trafficking for sexual exploitation was made a crime but the punishments were light and its implementation was poor, NGOs say.

It was only after repeated criticism of Israel by the United States – and the threat of sanctions – that authorities began to act.

Investigations into suspected traffickers increased, stiff jail terms were handed down and Israel’s borders were tightened against people smuggling.

Changing tactics

Campaigners say things began to change for the better in 2004, when the government opened a shelter in north Tel Aviv for women who had been trafficked for sex.

It marked a change in the way the state perceived them – as victims of a crime rather than accomplices.

There are some 30 women at the Maggan shelter – most from former Soviet states, but also five from China.

Former trafficked women with a child at a shelter in Tel Aviv

For years, Israel treated trafficked women as criminals

“When they come here they are in a bad condition,” said Rinat Davidovich, the shelter’s director.

“Most have sexual diseases and some have hepatitis and even tuberculosis. They also have problems going to sleep because they remember what used to happen to them at night,” she said.

“It’s very hard and it’s a long procedure to start to help and treat them.”

Police say their actions have led to a significant drop in the number of women now being trafficked into Israel for sex – hundreds, rather than thousands, a year – and they say the women’s working environment has improved too.

“There is a significant change in the conditions that the women are being held in,” said anti-trafficking police chief Raanan Caspi.

“In 2003 we used to find women who were being raped, incarcerated and suffering violence. In 2007, the situation is completely different – they get paid in most cases and the conditions that they’re in are much more humane.”

 Now most trafficking occurs through what people like to call discreet apartments and escort agencies 
Yedida Wolfe
Task Force on Human Trafficking

But the true picture might not be so clear-cut.

Campaigners say increased police activity has also had an adverse effect. Instead of operating openly in brothels, traffickers have become more discreet, plying their trade in private apartments and escort agencies, making the practice more difficult to detect.

“We’ve been keeping tabs on trends, in terms of, for instance, prices of exploitative services,” said Yedida Wolfe, of the Task Force on Human Trafficking.

“Those prices have not gone up, which leads us to believe that the supply of victims has not gone down.

“While government officials are saying that their efforts have drastically cut the number of victims in the country, the NGOs on the scene really don’t feel that’s true.”

Israel might well have turned a corner in its fight against the traffickers, but the battle is far from won.

Islamophobia Today eNewspaper